Electric Bill Activities

Electric Bills

Navigating electrical bills and Bangor Hydro’s Website – Students will answer questions by locating the information on mock electrical bills. Bangor Hydro has provided several examples for FBRI but if Bangor Hydro is not your local provider then you might want to contact your electrical provider to request a few mock bills for you to use in your classroom.

Electric Bill Worksheet (pdf download)

Mock Electric Bills

Making a difference – Once students are comfortable with navigating the electrical bills, then you can have students record their home usage with a line graph, comparing the current month’s KWH/day usage to last year’s KWH/day usage during the same month. Student will see if they influence the KWH/day by journaling and incorporating energy saving ideas at home that are generated in the classroom.

***Disclaimer: Some parents/guardians do not wish to share their electrical bills with their children and/or your class. You can share your personal electric bills with these students, try to obtain copies of the school’s electric bills, or possibly ask if another colleague might be interested in reducing their own carbon footprint by incorporating some of the energy reducing ideas generated by your class.

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